This past weekend I obsessively created sketch after sketch of a gouged-out bagel (note the insides have been scraped out), because it looked so demolished yet ruggedly beautiful. This exercise was an attempt at sublimating the horror and anguish I felt about the Fukushima radiation leakage. (If you’re not informed about this, then blame the media brown-out.)

In examining the bagel, I realized it looked strangely anatomical and geographical. It had its own topology, with calderas, ridges, and valleys. It looked like a ravaged landscape, like the world that we’ve poisoned. 

What rhymes with race? Debased. Whether that pertains to the Earth we’ve defiled or ourselves as corrupting agents, it is we (or rather, our corporations and governments) who are to blame for the Fukushima mess. We can do a whole lot better than this, and we sure as hell better–and fast.