The last few weeks have been a whirlwind.

Two pieces from my show, Rebirth, sold: portraits of two of the youngest subjects, Trayvon Martin and Aiyana Stanley-Jones. I was relieved that they went to a good home, where these children could be seen and honored every day.

In addition, a commissioned painting of mine is on the site of Lumicor, an architectural panel company. (See below) And finally, I’ve been in talks about two group shows next month.

_blog-lumicor-1  _blog-lumicor-2
Above left: the original piece. Above right: the painting in the print catalog

So I’m late in posting this great interview I had with Xavier Lopez, Jr., who writes an arts and culture blog for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Please check it out here.

The interview with Laura Castellanos that we mention in the last part can be found here.