Yoona Lee is a Seattle-based visual artist and writer. Her artwork has appeared in the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience, Vermillion, Ghost Gallery, and Gary Henderson Gallery, among other venues. Her art and writing have been published in the Los Angeles Review of Books, Seattle Journal for Social Justice, Breadline 4-Year Anthology, and The Stranger (a Seattle news and culture weekly periodical) and its daily blog.

Yoona’s first solo show, at Seattle’s Rowhouse Cafe in 2012, was reviewed in The Stranger and became a Stranger Suggests event. She subsequently had solo shows at Zeitgeist Coffee, Ghost Gallery, and Vermillion. The Ghost Gallery show was recommended by The Stranger’s Art & Performance Spring 2016 guide “[because] she can transform everyday materials into smart meditations on racial politics.” Her Vermillion show raised funds for EPIC (Ending the Prison Industrial Complex) Seattle and Black Lives Matter.

Yoona has presented her art and writing to talk about cultural identity, hybridity, and marginalization in various venues, including University of Washington, the UW Robinson Center for Young Scholars, the 2015 Seattle Race Conference, and the Breadline Performance Series.

An outspoken cultural and racial rights activist, Yoona has been quoted in publications ranging from the Seattle Times to British Vogue. In January 2016, she cofounded a racial inclusivity initiative at the marketing agency where she works as a senior copyeditor. Yoona received her bachelor’s degree in English, with a minor in Fine Arts, from the University of Pennsylvania.

All illustrations on this blog are by Yoona unless otherwise noted. Her website is www.rhymeswithrace.com.